Artist Statement

I abstract organic forms and re-articulate them into my own visual language, into “Organic Abstractions”. Nature is my source of inspiration, but as a printmaker process is very important. I try to create a balance between technique and concept.

I work in the printmaking process of mezzotint, a technique in which the entire surface of a copper plate is roughened with a tool called a rocker. The rocker creates pits in the plate; these pits hold ink and produce rich, velvety blacks/colors. If printed at this point in the process the print would be a solid field. Once the plate is rocked tools are used to draw out the light. The tools cut and polish down the pits, to create a large range of values. I use three plates for multiple colors. Each plate is worked to establish several colors and values. The plates are inked and transfered onto paper using an etching press.

My work evolves intuitively, images develop from a first mark without any preconceived ideas or images. As a printmaker working in the mezzotint process, this can be a difficult way to begin. For me it keeps things fresh and challenging. The process of mezzotint has a very rich and seductive quality, which lends to my imagery. I strive to create images that have an essence of beauty. I accentuate the sensual and spiritual characteristics and draw out the beauty from the ordinary.